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Journaling with Lynda allowed for quiet reflection (even in the midst of a large group) and took me to a place I haven't had the opportunity to visit for a long time.  It reminded me how important it is to get in touch with my thoughts through writing and offered a valuable perspective.  I hope to keep up my writing.  Thank you.

Wendy Roberts, Social Worker in Healthcare
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Inner renewal might also be called self-care, while others refer to it as spirituality.  Inner renewal involves a consistent tapping into or connection with a deep source of replenishment and well-being.  For some people this is accomplished through practices like prayer, meditation, or yoga.  It can also come from the enjoyment of nature, art, exercise or reflective hobbies such as journal writing and some quiet time alone with oneself.  When you care for yourself in this way, you stay in touch with your own inner life, replenish your energy, put various stressors in perspective, and cultivate your ability to feel nourished in the midst of all the other activities within your daily life.

Some people enjoy renewal on vacation or when they take some form of extended break away from pressures, stress, multi-tasking and responsibilities.  Such pauses and breaks in routine are valuable and certainly can offer feelings of rest and renewal; however, the benefits of these breaks can sometimes be easily lost once you return to your normal routine.  Therefore it is equally important to create habits and rituals within your ordinary daily routine to rest and replenish, to tap into the infinite source of energy and vitality that exists within you and is also made available to you from a universal source of life energy.

The following questions are intended to help you consider your own practices for inner renewal…

  • What pracitices or activities give you a sense of inner renewal?
  • Of these activities, which is the most important to you?
  • When was the last time that you did this renewal activity?
  • As the busy holiday season approaches, how can you create space and time for inner renewal in the midst of it all?

Quick Tips for Prioritizing Your Inner Renewal Practices

  • choose renewal practices that you really enjoy and want to do
  • reduce time spent with activities that do not offer a sense of inner renewal (i.e. less time watching tv, reduce idle conversations with people, etc.)
  • protect time for these inner renewal practices (put it in your calendar just like anything else you are committed to doing)
  • consider self-care time as sacred time – something you cherish and do not let go of easily

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To your inner renewal, Lynda

Inner Renewal

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