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Journaling with Lynda allowed for quiet reflection (even in the midst of a large group) and took me to a place I haven't had the opportunity to visit for a long time.  It reminded me how important it is to get in touch with my thoughts through writing and offered a valuable perspective.  I hope to keep up my writing.  Thank you.

Wendy Roberts, Social Worker in Healthcare

I found the Therapeutic Journaing for Healthcare Professionals to be an uplifting workshop that was rooted in a deep foundation of social work practice with knowledge and insights that were helpful for both personal and professional development.

Michelle Jensen, MSW, RSW, QEII Health Sciences Centre, Halifax, NS

I want to thank you for your wonderful workshop and I would like to say that it has been many years since I looked at my journal.  Yesterday I started to journal again and the Creativity just started to flow. Every time I take out my journal I come to a new realization about myself and I know it can only help me be a better person. Thanks to you I am more certain then ever what my goals are in my life are and by writing all my thoughts each day I will bring them to life.

Cheryl Young, Sidney Meet Up Women's Networking Group

I have been able to make some very large changes in my life, which I know would not have been possible without your help. I really liked the experience of the coaching itself, but even more than that, it has been very effective in helping me towards defining and reaching my goals. 

David Wood, Owner, SaltSpringCheese.com

It was with reluctance that I attended the Creative Wellness and Writing workshop, as I have always been sceptical about my ability to be a good writer. The workshop opened up a whole new way of looking at writing and how it can be used to critically express your thoughts, feeling and beliefs. At the same time it was a lot of fun and Lynda made me feel safe to try a new approach of personal expression.

Connie Kaweesi, Social Worker

When we are in a field where giving to others can be all-consuming, a chance to take a break for self-reflection is essential to maintaining our ability to serve our clients well. I highly recommend the workshop.

Sharon Hall, Business Coach

It spoke to me in a way that nothing has before – Life Source Writing has invited me to be a partner in self discovery and healing. I feel like I have taken a huge step in my own self awareness and growth. I look so forward to more “ah-ha” moments that I am confident will happen through “getting to the page!”

Cathy Simunovic, Social Worker

Allowing time to listen to one’s self through journaling is an expansive experience because of the personal insight one can gain. Thank you. 

Mary Ann Moore, Writer & Facilitator

As a busy caregiver with a bit of a superwoman complex, it was a very powerful reminder that in order to be effect and caring to other I must first care for myself properly. Listening to this meditation was like receiving a permission slip to take some time off to do what fulfills me most… and I accepted it (which never comes easily to me)- so thank you!

Lisa Bleskie, Early Childhood Education

Immersing myself in the Life Source Writing book has brought the wonder-full surprise of connecting with your experience in order to re-connect with my own. I felt like I was drawn through a portal into my own soul and experience, gently encouraging me to open myself to my journey. Transformational! What a gift to have been taken into places of such warmth and depth, feeling so encouraged and energized by the beautiful energy with which you’ve infused the book. Thank you again for the amazing experience.

Renee Deakin, Facilitator & Writer
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  • When was the last time that you did this renewal activity?
  • As the busy holiday season approaches, how can you create space and time for inner renewal in the midst of it all?
Quick Tips for Prioritizing Your Inner Renewal Practices
  • choose renewal practices that you really enjoy and want to do
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These reflections on Inner Renewal appeared in my recent Creative Wellness Tips and Tools newsletter.  If you like what you are reading here - please consider signing up for the free bi-weekly newsletter at www.creativewellnessworks.com and receive your free copy of "the top 10 tips for balanced living".

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