Next 6 week Writing Salon starts on May 22nd, 2018 

Do you want to reduce stress, gain clarity, increase joy
& tap into your inner wisdom through writing?
Are you looking for a creative and proven way to improve your health
and well-being in mind, body, heart and spirit?
Do you want to take more time for yourself
and your creative self-expression and personal growth?

Who It's For:

This Transformational Writing for Wellness Salon is a guided online 6 week group coaching program designed especially for heart-centered people who want to explore the transformational power of expressive writing and reflective journaling as tools for increased self-care, personal growth, creativity, happiness, well-being and success. If you want to take time for yourself, gain clarity and focus, get unstuck from creative procrastination and dive deep into the healing art of expressive writing - this 6 week Transformational Writing for Wellness Salon is for YOU! This salon is a virtual gathering place to come together to write, heal, discover, self-express and grow.

"Fill the paper with the breathings of your heart." – William Wordsworth

What to expect during this Transformational Writing for Wellness Salon...

You will be on a guided and supportive writing and journaling journey that will inspire, inform and nourish you, perhaps even surprise you as new insights and ideas rise up onto the page!

The Transformational Writing for Wellness Salon is an online oasis for your creative self-expression – a safe, compassionate, confidential, nourishing place to engage in your own self-care and growth through Life Source Writing - a reflective journaling practice that includes mindfulness, relaxation, expressive writing, inquiry and gratitude. Give yourself the gift of self-discovery, self-nurturing, creativity and well-being through going to the page in this "fun, innovative, creative, and inspiring" group coaching program.

Benefits of the Transformational Writing for Wellness Salon:

  • remember you are enough and that your creative self-expression matters
  • relax and renew with Life Source Writing™
  • stop procrastinating when it comes to embracing writing in your life
  • learn six different expressive writing for wellness techniques
  • reduce stress and overwhelm
  • feel like a "real writer", even when writing for yourself
  • be more calm, centered and grounded in the present moment
  • discover how to use mindfulness, deep presence and relaxation exercises including guided meditation as tools to enhance both your journaling/writing and your mind, body, spirit well-being
  • connect with the power of your own story and inner truth, feel empowered and more confident
  • receive support, accountability and journal coaching to expand and deepen your own writing practice
  • enjoy a sense of renewed energy, purpose and passion through writing for yourself, alone and together with others

"This Salon was truly transformational for me. I loved the way we were introduced to different types of writing and encouraged to try them all. In working through the material, I discovered a love of poetic writing. Writing has now become a regular part of my life. Through my writing, I am learning more about myself and exploring new ideas. Lynda is a very supportive coach, encouraging each of us to go deeper into our writing and trust the process. I highly recommend the Salon."

~  Fiona Lewis, Social Worker

"I release myself from any past mistakes! When I say this I feel a space opening up inside me. I feel lighter. I look forward to filling this airy space with joy and love – not the dread, guilt, shame that used to inhabit this space. What a wonderful feeling! The journal writing I have done in this salon – the weekly exercises, writing prompts and feedback from Lynda – all together helped me see and feel this transformation and I am so grateful."

~ Susan MacLaughlin, Life Coach

"I was in that perfect place to step into change, and this class created a very safe space to begin to explore exactly what I needed. I was a give-go-give junkie, and this journaling made me slow down and think in a profound way. The specific tools gave a structure to journaling that I had not used in a mindful way before. Reflecting really was where I was able to go deep. I will continue to use this and share it with my coaching clients. This is soooooo powerful. Listening to others share and reflect was also very inspiring for me. Thank you for doing what you do in your work and for offering this. It's transformative."

~ Jennifer Wallace, Roots and Wings Life Coaching

"This Writing for Wellness Coaching Circle could not have happened at a better time. The women in our writing circle were who they should have been. Lynda's warm presence sets the environment as one of safety, relaxing and fun. I learned that it doesn't matter what you write about in your journaling practice as long as it comes from the heart. I learned that by being true to who I am – other's see that as well. I learned that the gift of journaling is healing, energizing and brings out our wisdom. I would encourage anyone who has thought about journaling, has left journaling for a time, or would like a new way to journal to participate in this circle. I was sad to see it end and will be signing up for another session in the future."

~ Annette Siewertsen, SeaStar Coaching

"Thank you Lynda for your kind strength, powerful facilitation skills and your lovely supportive way of holding the space for me to explore and create my own wellness in your Writing for Wellness Coaching Circle."

~ Norma McClelland,

"My time in the Creative Wellness writing group was very rewarding. It was truly a mini retreat from day to day things that seem to encroach on my time. I was truly committed to receiving the full benefit of Lynda's wisdom and guidance. Several insights and new perspectives came out of my time in the Creative Wellness sessions and I quickly learned, in writing fully from the heart, there is no hiding the truth from myself. That inner voice was eager to be heard. Thanks so much Lynda for all you share with others. The gift of you is much appreciated."

~ Linda Prochaska, Social Worker

"The whole experience has been very valuable for me. I have learned a lot about myself. The writing "lessons" and prompts have been helpful in getting me started on a path I will continue."

~ Carol Dodd

During this Transformational Writing for Wellness Salon, you will learn the following expressive writing and journal writing techniques applied to specific areas of wellness and personal growth…

Week 1: Free Writing
Self-Care in Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit

Week 2: Transactional Writing
Deep Self-Compassion, Receiving & Not Having to Do it All

Week 3: Dialogue Writing
Releasing Stress, Creating Clarity & Moving Forward

Week 4: Poetic Writing
Mindfulness, Inner Peace & The Healing Power of Story

Week 5: Affirmative Writing
Creating Your Vision: Write it Down, Make it Happen

Week 6: Gratitude Writing
The Healing Power of Authentic Gratitude for Well-Being & Success

"I came to this course with trepidation. First - me? write my feelings? Not going to happen, and secondly - using the internet for communication was not my strong suit. Then I got into it. As a retired health and community service professional, I was used to dealing with the emotions and struggles of others. I had my time with traditional support systems - and they were useful then - but this self help approach was a novelty.

I quickly learned that with Lynda’s support and the encouragement of my ‘group’ I was able to express my reality and by doing so am feeling much more prepared for my next adventure - retirement. I am able to give myself the courage to discover who I am and I have found I quite like this woman of substance."

~ Dianne Moir RN, MSW

"Rarely have I worked with a coach like Lynda, who put incredible care, love and dedication into the process of creating a sacred, emotionally safe and inspiring space for participants in the "Writing for Wellness" program. I joined the program because I wanted to connect more with myself thru writing and have some accountability and motivation to practice this kind of self-care regularly. I felt seen and heard and incredibly nurtured thru Lynda's feedback and the comments offered from other participants. Thank you Lynda for sharing your gifts."

~ Ina Stockhausen, R.P.C.

"Lynda, thank you for offering the opportunity to call out our deepest selves and honour them by creating this space to write. I found the writing prompts during the calls as well as the playwork in between, a great way to access the treasure trove of inner wisdom that we all carry. All we have to do is go inwards and ask, and the wisdom runs out onto the page with messages to inspire, reassure and guide us. I particularly liked the wise guide exercise and found it grounded me even after the course was over, because it reminded me that spiritual help is always available to me moment to moment. And lastly Lynda I appreciated the beautiful, nourishing energy you brought to the group, your extensive knowledge and experience in this area of writing for self care, and the encouragement, respect, sensitivity and discernment you showed each of us as we shared our inner selves through writing."

~  Grace Gerry, Counsellor

"Writing for self-care and the Writing for Wellness Coaching Circle is an experience that I will cherish for life. It is a nourishing, uplifting, heart-based program that energized me with the depth of the unique enquiries, structure, fabulous feedback, and beautiful well-researched writing activities. Lynda Monk is a true muse and her conscious, affirming, and healing nature has affected my confidence, creativity and authenticity in such a positive way. One thing I know for sure, is that the value for my money on this course was off the charts! It has inspired me to action and to write to heal myself and the world!"

~ Thea Khama, Coach + Writer, Botswana, South Africa

"This course with Lynda has provided me insight and clarity about my truth. The weekly writing expressions have helped me to develop greater understanding of who I am and how I dance in the world. The intimacy of the coaching circle is vital to the process. The group members each contribute to the learning and the emotion of the group. A truly life affirming experience that has positioned me to embrace and live a fully authentic and robust life. Thank you Lynda."

~ Catherine Simonuvic, Social Worker

“This writing salon has been the best self-guided, one-on-one writing practice I've ever done. I will always appreciate your words of encouragement and coaching. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

~ Deb Wandler, Social Work Educator

"I so enjoyed this creative writing time with Lynda. What appealed to me was the small group we had, the length of time (6 weeks) of the course. I found it intimate and so worthwhile, a lovely introduction to writing. Thank you Lynda." 

~ Karen Alexander

The Transformational Writing for Wellness Salon includes:

Writing Salon includes…

Self-Guided Option

Supportive Group Coaching Option*

Start anytime & complete at your own pace

Has a set start date & runs for 6 weeks (see next Salon dates below)

Salon Success Guide – tips and ideas for setting your Salon experience up for enjoyment and success

Weekly guided Transformational Writing for Wellness information, inspiration & exercises (see weekly Salon themes above)

Copy of the Life Source Writing™ e-book (value $14.95)

Exclusive access to the participant only online Transformational Writing for Wellness Salon (where weekly materials, videos, writing exercises and more!)

Receive personalized weekly journal coaching and feedback on your writing – which offers you support, deepened insights, encouragement, customized journal coaching prompts provided throughout the Salon leading you to more “aha moments” along the way.

3 Group Coaching Calls Group calls are held via teleconference together (regular long distance charges apply). Calls will be recorded in the event you are unable to attend the live call. These calls are like mini-retreats throughout the Salon, offering you support, inspiration, more writing exercises and meaningful connection with others in the Salon.  Call dates for next group noted below.

Learn, grow, connect and write with others (maximum 12 participants in each Salon group to ensure a meaningful, engaging experience for you)

1 Individual Clarity Coaching Session (Value $150)

Signed copy of book mailed to you – Writing Alone Together:  Journaling in a Circle of Women for Creativity, Compassion & Connection (Value $19.95)

Your Investment:

$197 Can.

Normally $497

Early Registration $397 Can.*

Note: This Salon is located in Jigsaw Box – my online coaching platform which is secure and password protected. It is easy to use and allows you to find things effortlessly. Your link to access the Salon in Jigsaw Box will come with instructions in a download with your receipt.

* Next Transformational Writing for Wellness Salon group starts
Tuesday, May 22nd – Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

The 3 group calls during this Writing Salon will take place on (not relevant for self-guided option, only for group coaching option):

May 22nd, Week 1 Call, 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm PST

June 5th, Week 3 Call, 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm PST

June 26th, Week 6 Call, 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm PST

Maximum 12 participants to ensure a meaningful experience for YOU.


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